Do we have to select a “specific” example in your sample books for our photograph?
     No, in fact we encourage you not to do that. It is best to select a period such as, western, civil war, 1920’s etc. and one of our sets(We have 6 live sets and a green screen see 'About Our Studio'  for examples).  Then we will assist you with appropriate costumes for your photo based on your unique group.

May I take pictures with my personal camera or video camera in your studio?
     No.  Yesteryears Inc. maintains the copyright to any and all photos taken within our studio, therefore personal photography is not allowed. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

How long does the photographic process take?
     This depends on the number of people in the photo. Small groups of 1 to 3 persons generally take about 10 to 15 minutes to costume & photograph. Very large groups can take close to an hour.

Do you take "cameos" in the photo session?
     Yes, we will automatically break down your group after the intial shot and take a couple quick shots of individuals, sub-groups or couples. The purchase of cameo prints are optional and at a reduced price from the original package. A photo package of the original sitting must be purchased before the cameos can be purchased.  If you have a specific request please let your photographer know upon arrival to the set, ex. granparents with grandkids or all the kids together

When will my prints be ready?
     Usually prints are ready while you wait, however during extremely heavy volume, orders can take up to an hour. If the process is delayed, due to volume or technical difficulties, we will encourage you to walk around for and shop awhile – have lunch or do other fun things – then return for your prints. If you are headed “back home” and cannot wait, we will be happy to mail your prints.

How long will my prints last?
     Our supplier has guaranteed their digital materials for 250 years if stored in a normal environment, under glass, out of direct sunlight. We will replace a damaged photograph free of charge from our digital files unless damaged by negligence. We will keep our digital files forever.

Must I pay for my prints and accessories when I order them?
     Yes, payment in full is expected when you place your order.  Once your photographs are printed the order may not be changed.  We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover.

How can I order reprints or holiday cards?
     In person, by phone, by email, or on this web site.
If I order reprints or holiday cards, at a later date, when can I expect them?
     Within 2 weeks, except for poster size prints which can take up to 30 days.  Residents outside the US could take longer to receive prints. For rush orders call Jim directly (302)745-1879

How frequently do you clean your costumes and hats?
     Costumes are washed or dry cleaned on a regular schedule, and they are sprayed frequently with appropriate disinfectant/deodorant. In addition, hats are sprayed with special products on a frequent basis.

I am a very large person; do you have costumes to fit me? 
     Yes, we can fit you in most of the periods we offer, with some limitations. However, in all our years of business, we have never turned anyone away due to their size, and we will always do everything we can to include you in this fun photographic experience.

Do you have costumes to fit tiny babies?
    Yes, old time christening gowns, as well as other costumes which we can adapt to the size of your tiny babies and small children.

May I use my own costumes and/or props?
     Yes, we welcome personal artifacts or heirlooms to be included in you Old Time Photo

Can we include pets?
     Yes, well behaved dogs, cats and small tame animals are welcome.

Are the firearms you use as props real?
     No, they are authentic reproductions that give the outward appearance of the real thing. Our purpose for providing period reproduction firearms is by no means to promote gun use, only to make our photos more realistic.

If we have photos taken off-site in the Rehoboth area, at the beach or another location when can we expect our prints?
     Usually within 2 weeks, however during very busy times & with some custom orders it may take a little longer. Orders can be picked up at the studio or shipped directly to you.

How far will you travel to photograph an off-site event?
     We will travel anywhere.